League of Legends: How To Receive Gifts

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In League of Legends, there is an option where you can send gifts to other accounts or players.

Of course, this is possible with Riot’s cause to spread positivity all around the gaming community and to prevent the toxicity which could be rampant in these kinds of setups.


But how about receiving? Are there any things needed in order to be able to receive a gift in League of Legends? Keep reading to know more.

How To Receive Gifts In League of Legends

Players who can receive gifts in League of Legends should be:

  • Included to the buddy list of the receiver
  • Cannot be banned or suspended
  • Can only receive up to 10 gifts every 24 hours

As for the sender, here are some things he or she must consider:

  • Can only send up to 10 gifts every 24 hours
  • Must be level 10 or higher

It’s not automatic that you can receive or send gifts at any point in the game. But once you already have those above checked, then teas’ the season of giving and receiving in League of Legends!

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