League of Legends: How To Level Up Your Honor

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Honor in League of Legends pertains to the system wherein the game is gauging your behavior during games.

And when you are on your best behavior, leveling up your honor in the game can grant you rewards. This is Riot Games’ way of incentivizing your good attitude towards other players to keep a safe gaming environment for all.

Keep reading to know more about how to level up your honor in League of Legends.

How To Level Up Your Honor In League of Legends

The standard way of leveling up your honor in League of Legends is to just simply play games.

Most of the time, if you performed at least above average in games, other players may commend you which can initially increase your honor.

But if you just did your best and did not purposely abandon your team and stayed till the end, then your teammates may also commend you especially if the game lasted long.

Also, if you are playing with a pre-made party, then commending each one’s effort won’t be really a problem at all. You can commend your friends just by playing with them which will definitely level up your honor in the game.

Possible Rewards

There quite a few rewards which you can get by increasing your honor.

It includes honor chests, loading screen borders, fragments, and Hextech keys.

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