League of Legends: How To Get Key Fragments

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There are a lot of pre-requisite items in League of Legends (LOL) which you need to collect first before you can actually get the true prize or item that is quite useful in the game.

And it includes the Key Fragments which you will need to get first before you may be able to notch the second requirement to finally nab the real deal - which you can find out later.


With that being said, here’s how to get Key Fragments in League of Legends.

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How To Get Key Fragments In League of Legends

There are various ways on how you can get Key Fragments in League of Legends.

One of which includes the possibility of getting those through champion capsules. You can get these by the time you reach Summoner Level 5. And you can get one each time you level up as well.


You can also get key fragments by climbing the Honor Ranks which can give you Honor Capsules and Orbs. These can provide Key Fragments for you.

Another way is through Hextech Chests which you may find silly since Key Fragments are needed to craft Hextech Keys. And the Hextech Keys are needed to open your Hextech Chests. What a process, right?

And of course, these Key Fragments may actually show up in your inventory after you play matches. Although there is no guarantee that you may get these at the end of a game, but Riot Games may also be one master of surprises. So, there could be some that you can notch which you’ll never know when.

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