League of Legends: How To Get Gemstones

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There are different resources that you can collect in League of Legends (LOL) that can be used to unlock or craft various items, loots, or chests.

And one of those resources is the gemstone that was introduced in patch V6.3 way back in the year 2016. You can collect those through multiple ways in the game.

Keep reading to know more about how to get gemstones in League of Legends.

How To Get Gemstones In League of Legends

In the game, one guaranteed gemstone can be nabbed by players every 50 progressed levels which will begin when you reach summoner level 150 through the Leveling System.

You can also get gemstones by opening Hextech Chests or Masterwork Chests with a Hextech Key. There is a 3.6% chance that you can get some by doing this method (4% if you have bad luck protection).


Also, gemstones are available through different limited-time events from time to time. You just have to participate whenever there would be one, and the possibility of securing gemstones is always present.

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