How To Get A PBE Account For League Of Legends

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League of Legends PBE or Public Beta Environment provides players with access to upcoming features and changes before they are officially released on the main server,

Ranging from map changes and item reworks to upcoming features in Teamfight Tactics, PBE is the gateway to early access content for League of Legends fans.

However, creating a PBE account for League of Legends can be fairly tricky for some players.

Eligibility to register for LoL PBE

In order to register for a PBE account in League of Legends, players must have an Honor rating of level 2 or higher. The Honor rating of a player in League of Legends increases every time they are honored by a teammate at the end of a match. Apart from this method, there's no other way for players to boost their Honor level in the game.

Players who do not have an Honor level of 2 or higher are advised to play Summoner's Rift games to the best of their ability and hope to get honored by a teammate at the end of each game.

Once the player manages to reach Honor level 2, they will be eligible to register for a PBE account in League of Legends.

How to Register for LoL PBE

In order to register and download the League of Legends PBE client, players will need to head over to Riot Games' official PBE registration website.

Players will find a "Check My Eligibility" button on this page. Once the player clicks on this button, Riot Games will check whether the player has the required Honor rating to qualify for PBE.

After the player's eligibility is confirmed, they will need to follow a series of on-screen instructions to download and set up their PBE accounts for League of Legends.

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