Gross Gore Quits Streaming And LoL

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In a fairly shocking move, British content creator Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen announced that he is quitting League of Legends as well as streaming.

The 29-year-old started his streaming career with games like RuneScape and IRL stream where he could be found cooking. However, the streamer had moved on to League of Legends shortly after.

The streamer has previously quit League of Legends on various occasions only to return later. However, given that Ali received an indefinite ban from Twitch for "adult sexual exploitation" earlier this year, it is safe to say that the content creator won't be found streaming anytime soon.

Why Gross Gore quit streaming?

Gross Gore posted a detailed explanation on YouTube to explain the reason behind his streaming career being over.

Ali explained,

"My streaming career is down the drain, it’s over, it’s finished, there’s no saving it. I’m wasting my life trying to become a streamer on YouTube, it’s dead,”

He further added,

"I don’t want to stream anymore. YouTube is not made for streaming. I’ve not put out content this past weekend, I’ve been out drinking heavily and I’ve just been in a really bad place – depression, bipolar… the past three months since I got banned on Twitch have been extremely hard. I just have nothing left in me to want to continue streaming anymore. I hate streaming. And I being stuck indoors pretending everything is okay. My reputation got tarnished at Twitch and it’s just a waste of my time."

This confirms that Gross Gore will be focusing on creating content for his YouTube channel in the future instead of focusing on his streams.

Additionally, Gross Gore has also emphasized the importance of mental health and how it affects streamers. On top of that, Ali also pointed out the reason for quitting League of Legends. The content creator said,

"I could grind it out, but the truth is it’s going nowhere. I don’t enjoy streaming or playing League of Legends, I’m Diamond 1 and going nowhere, hell I don’t enjoy playing any video game."

Having said that, we truly hope that Gross Gore is able to figure out the problems that he is facing and eventually continue to entertain his thousands of fans on YouTube.

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