Faker's Greatest Plays In League of Legends Esports

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok is the greatest player to ever touch League of Legends. With three world champion titles under his belt, Faker is definitely one of the most celebrated players around the globe.

The legendary mid-laner burst onto the League of Legends professional scene back in 2013. Picked up as the mid-laner for SKT T1, Faker guided his team to their first-ever LoL World Championship victory. However, apart from all the accolades that he has achieved in his career, Faker has a bunch of mesmerizing plays that will leave any LoL player in awe.

Let's dive in and take a look at the iconic moments of history when Faker stunned the entire world with his skills.

Teleport against Sandbox Gaming

During the 2019 LCK summer playoffs, Faker and SKT were facing off against Sandbox Gaming when the legendary mid-laner decided to do something iconic. Having secured the Baron after a successful mid-lane push, Faker found his entire mana pool depleted on Ekko.

However, Sandbox Gaming was on the hunt to claw their way back into the game and was almost successful as Faker decided to go back to base. However, since Faker had his Teleport spell off cooldown, Ekko was able to rejoin the fight quickly with a replenished Mana pool. The result, however, was disappointing for Sandbox Gaming as Faker ended up earning a triple kill after the teleport.

Perfect K/D/A on debut

Faker proved his greatness from the very get-go of his career. Going up against an LCK veteran, Ambition, is not a matter of joke. However, Faker not only faced Ambition in the mid-lane but ended up finishing the match without dying even a single time on his debut.

Faker put his skills on display with his Nidalee against Ambition's Kha'Zix, forcing the veteran to finish the game with a 1/4/1 K/D/A score. On the other hand, Faker's Nidalee closed out the match with a perfect score of 5/0/7, thus announcing his arrival to LoL esports.

Faker's Riven

Riven is one of Faker's signature champions owing to the mechanically intensive nature of the mid-laner. Faker's mechanical ability to make the most out of his micro decisions is no secret. Having said that, Riven is a perfect fit for the legendary mid-laner.

However, one of Faker's Riven moments that left the entire community in awe happened during SKT's series against KT in the 2015 LCK Summer Finals. On top of being flashy for the sake of style points, Faker's dive to outplay Cassiopeia remains one of the best Riven plays of all time.

Syndra stun on Sivir and LeBlanc

The fact that LeBlanc is one of Faker's signature champions makes it all the more difficult to play it against him. However, during their match against KT in 2015's Champions Spring, Faker drafted Syndra after LeBlanc was drafted by KT.

Although KT began the game strong, it took a single engagement outside Baron's pit for Faker to turn the course of the game. Landing a perfect stun on Sivir and LeBlanc both, Faker ensured that his team was able to pull off the comeback despite playing against one of his favorite champions.

Zed vs Zed

Back in 2013, the fifth game of any LCK series featured a "Blink Pick" that allowed for a lot of interesting mirror drafts. A similar incident happened in 2013 during SKT's match against KT, Faker and Ryu found themselves playing Zed on the mid-lane.

Ryu had a solid start to his game and KT was sitting on top of a 10,000 gold advantage, looking to secure the game, however, Faker had other plans. Having lost more than 65% of his health pool following an onslaught from Ryu's Zed, Faker was on the verge of being killed. It was then that Faker turned into a god and deleted Ryu's Zed with moves that were almost impossible to look at.

Having said that, Faker's outplay on Ryu with Zed remains one of the most iconic moments in Faker's entire career.

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