League of Legends: Everything We Know about Senna

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The League of Legends 10th Anniversary celebration has come and gone with a brand new champion announcement on the Riot Pls stream. This is not merely just a champion to add to the roster, but rather, it’s finally the culmination of a storyline that kicked off all the way back in 2013.

Six years ago, on August 22nd, League of Legends released Lucian, the Purifier – the dual-wielding, rapid-dashing marksman, whose origin story deeply entwined with support champion Thresh, the Chain Warden, who was released earlier that year. To make a long and often rewritten narrative short, Thresh has Lucian’s wife for all intents and purposes: a captured soul named Senna, stuck in the ghostly warden’s lantern forever just out of Lucian’s reach.


Now, however, she might be making for a jailbreak. And we even know what she looks like, after her six years of purgatory.

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The Initial Leak

The first hints of Senna’s return came over two months ago. Back in August – coinciding with the anniversary of Lucian’s release – League of Legend’s Public Beta Environment (PBE) let loose a batch of possibly unintended files. Among the patch: a dark-skinned woman with ghostly dreadlocks, wielding a giant weapon on her back.

The splash art itself was warped and grainy, offering little details except for its self-evidently incomplete nature (see the sketch-art alternatives to her primary weapon as seen obscuring her left hand). But the timing of the release, along with what’s been revealed since, suggests that this is our first look at the next upcoming champion.

Interestingly, the third mockup weapon at the bottom seems to coincide with a recently registered trademark for True Damage, linked to Riot Games. While little is known about it at this time, it isn't uncommon for Riot to make registration for their various fictional bands. K/DA, Pentakill, and others already exist, and True Damage may be an extension of their musical efforts. If so, Senna will likely play a role in their alternate-universe spinoff.


New Material

Recently, League of Legends’ social media and advertising releases all point to a continuation of the six-year-old story. Check out the video here:



A brand new story titled “Homebound” made its way to the Universe lore repository, focusing on Lucian’s hunt for the ghostly warden. While the story itself ended inconclusively, its intent was clear: Lucian was aiming to put a definitive conclusion to his long rivalry against the ghostly warden.

Riot revealed all on October 15th, 2019 during the League of Legends 10th Anniversary celebration stream, as well as many other games.

Finally, some of Senna's abilities were revealed during the 2019 World Championship.


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Written ByJames Chen@Obscurica