League of Legends: Different Types Of Debuffs

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Buffs can greatly affect your champion in League of Legends (LOL). It gives a further boost in various aspects which can benefit them to perform better in the game.

But in reverse, debuffs on the other hand will do the opposite. It will affect your champion negatively – through dealing additional damage or triggering various effects but all inclined in a negative purpose.

There are different types of debuff in LOL. And you might want to know what those are. So, keep reading and we will tackle more about the debuffs in League of Legends


Different Types Of Debuffs In League of Legends

There are four sources of debuffs in League of Legends.

Debuffs can be caused by champion abilities, summoner spells, item effects, and neutral monsters.

All of those can be sources of additional effects that can affect a champion, minion, or monster in the game which can be felt through additional damage or in-game effects which can disrupt their performance.

List Of Debuffs in League of Legends

You might want to take a look at the list of debuffs in League of Legends.

  • Champion Abilities
    • Statistical
    • Anivia's Rebirth (only at level 11 and below)
    • Corki's Gatling Gun
    • Evelynn's Allure
    • Garen's Judgment 6th tick armor shred
    • Jarvan IV's Dragon Strike
    • Jayce's Transform Mercury Cannon
    • Karthus' Wall of Pain
    • Kayle's Radiant Blast
    • Kog'Maw's Caustic Spittle
    • Mordekaiser's Realm of Death
    • Nasus' Spirit Fire
    • Rell's Break the Mold
    • Renekton's Dice (Empowered)
    • Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt
    • Sion's Roar of the Slayer
    • Trundle's Chomp and Subjugate
    • Tryndamere's Mocking Shout
    • Vi's Denting Blows
    • Wukong's Crushing Blow

  • Mark Oriented
    • Akali's Assassin's Mark
    • Anivia's Flash Frost and Glacial Storm
    • Brand's Blaze
    • Braum's Concussive Blows (stacks up to 4 times)
    • Cassiopeia's Noxious Blast and Miasma
    • Darius' Hemorrhage (stacks up to 5 times)
    • Diana's Crescent Strike
    • Ekko's Z-Drive Resonance
    • Fizz's Chum the Waters
    • Gnar's Hyper
    • Kalista's Rend and Sentinel (Passive)
    • Kennen's Mark of the Storm (stacks up to 3 times)
    • LeBlanc's Sigil of Malice
    • Lee Sin's Sonic Wave and Tempest
    • Leona's Sunlight
    • Lucian's Ardent Blaze (Marked target)
    • Lux's Illumination
    • Malzahar's Malefic Visions
    • Nidalee's Prowl - Hunt
    • Nocturne's Duskbringer
    • Quinn's Harrier
    • Sejuani's Permafrost
    • Shyvana's Flame Breath
    • Singed's Poison Trail (for the purposes of Twin Fang)
    • Skarner's Crystal Venom (marked by Fracture)
    • Tahm Kench's An Acquired Taste
    • Teemo's Toxic Shot and Noxious Trap (for the purposes of Twin Fang)
    • Talon's Blade's End
    • Thresh's Death Sentence
    • Tristana's Explosive Charge (stacks up to 4 times)
    • Twitch's Deadly Venom (stacks up to 6 times)
    • Vayne's Silver Bolts(stacks up to 3 times)
    • Vel'Koz's Organic Deconstruction (stacks up to 3 times)
    • Vi's Denting Blows(stacks up to 3 times)
    • Xin Zhao's Challenge
    • Zed's Death Mark
    • Zilean's Time Bomb

  • Damage Over Time
    • Anivia's Glacial Storm
    • Brand's Blaze
    • Cassiopeia's Noxious Blast and Miasma
    • Darius' Hemorrhage (stacks up to 5 times)
    • Fiddlesticks' Drain
    • Fizz's Seastone Trident
    • Gangplank's Trial by Fire
    • Jinx's Flame Chompers!
    • Karma's Focused Resolve and Renewal
    • Malzahar's Malefic Visions and Nether Grasp
    • Nautilus' Titan's Wrath (stacks infinitely, but individual stacks do not reset duration)
    • Nidalee's Bushwhack
    • Nocturne's Unspeakable Horror
    • Singed's Poison Trail
    • Talon's Blade's End
    • Teemo's Toxic Shot and Noxious Trap
    • Trundle's Subjugate
    • Twitch's Deadly Venom (stacks up to 6 times)
    • Udyr's Tiger Stance

  • Damage Modification
    • Amumu's Cursed Touch
    • Shen's Shadow Dash
    • Sona's Power Chord - Diminuendo
    • Vladimir's Hemoplague

  • Summoner Spells
    • Exhaust
    • Ignite
    • Challenging Smite

  • Items
    • Abyssal Mask
    • Executioner's Calling
    • Farsight Alteration
    • Liandry's Torment
    • Morellonomicon
    • Mortal Reminder
    • Black Cleaver

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