Lucian And Amumu Reworked in LoL Update 11.17

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League of Legends update 11.16 was released a few hours ago and the list of changes features a fair bit of balancing and meta-shifting updates. While players are still getting a taste of the update 11.16, LoL's Lead Game Designer, Jeevun "Jag" Sidhu has revealed a couple of "interesting changes" for update 11.17.

According to Jag, these upcoming changes are currently being tested. This further suggests that the changes should be available on the PBE server very soon. Having said that, let's dive right in and check out the changes that have been revealed so far.


"Interesting Changes" in update 11.17

The two champions that have been confirmed to receive changes in update 11.17 are Amumu and Lucian. While Lucian has been an extremely strong champion in recent patches, Amumu has fallen out of favor in high MMR matches. This has resulted in the developers focusing on Amumu's performance disparity when it comes to higher MMR matches.

According to the changes revealed by Jag, Amumu will have 2 charges for his Bandage Toss ability. This will supposedly help the champion perform better in the higher MMRs.


Moving on to the changes for Lucian, the goal for the developers is to change the champion's role from being in the mid-lane to the bottom lane. Here are the changes that have been revealed for Lucian,

Base Stats
Base AD :: 64 >>> 62

Lightslinger (P)
(New) - Ally buffs empower Lucian's next 2 (stacks to 4) basic attacks to deal an additional 14 (+10% tAD) magic damage.

Ardent Blaze (W)
Mana Cost :: 70 >>> 60
Allies proccing the mark also trigger Vigilance.


The Culling (R)
Damage Per Shot :: 20/40/60 (+25%AD) >>> 15/30/45 (+25% AD)
Number of Shots :: 22/28/34 >>> 22 (+25% Critical Strike Chance)

Having said that, the developer has also confirmed that further details regarding update 11.17 will be arriving late this week. Additionally, the patch summary for the PBE server is also supposed to be released later this week.

For those who are unaware of the PBE server for League of Legends, it is a testing server where upcoming changes are tested. Anyone can sign up for a League of Legends PBE account to test out the upcoming changes before they arrive on the main server.