League of Legends Character-Themed LED Effects Prove Polarising Among Players

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Artwork of Quinn from League of Legends.

Enjoy a bit of League of Legends, but feel like your experience doesn’t quite resemble the neon chaos of a nightclub enough for you to truly excel?

Well, the League of Legends integration for Signal RGB by WhirlwindFX could be exactly what you need to pair with your playlist of techno by The Prodigy in order to finally achieve peak performance.

Posted to Reddit by user DaKrazyKid, the LED integration includes different effects for various champions, as well as a few other features, as DaKrazyKid explains: “this LED integration has utility features too like effects that remind you to buy items when you hit a certain amount of gold, and effects for when baron and dragon are spawning soon”.

League of Legends Character-Themed LED Effects Prove Polarising

As you can see from the video above, the effects include a whole lot of flashing and pretty colours to make your rig stand out from the crowd and possibly become visible from space as you game.

However, the integration is still very much a work in progress, with many champions still yet to receive their own effects, including Quinn, Olaf, and Vladimir.

Reception to the integration on Reddit is mixed so far, with user Hellcat727 observing: “looks cool but my eyes probably will die during teamfights” and Sojake_ saying: “cool idea but if you want to take the game seriously this would be such a distraction”.

In response to these concerns, DaKrazyKid reassured users that: “Oh I agree the champion animations aren’t for everyone! That’s why you can disable them and just use the utility effects that remind you when dragon/baron is spawning or to buy items when you have enough gold.”

User Tormentula suggested that a very toned down version of the integration might be better for players, saying: “I think in general it’s just really distracting, like how the screen flashes red on taking damage, that would get really headache inducing after a few games if not just one.”

They also added: “Less is more when it comes to visuals, you don't want to burn someone out of it once the novelty wears off, you want them to keep using it, and taking a more chill/simplistic approach helps with that”.


However, other users were big fans and suggested effects they’d like to see added, with user znat saying: “Quinn's W should definitely light up the room” and egotisticalstoic adding “Ults like Rengar, Nocturne, and maybe Rek'sai should have a red or dark purple glow too. Makes the hunt feel extra intense!”

Currently the integration only works with certain hardware brands, so make sure to check your gear is compatible if you’re interested in turning your League sessions into mini-raves.

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