LoL World Champions DAMWON Gaming Defeated By Nongshim RedForce In LCK Week 4

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the intention, Nongshim isThe LCK Summer 2021 is in its fourth week and we have already been subjected to an upset from the world champions, DAMWON Gaming.

Having already lost against KT Rolster and Brion Esports on Week 1 and Week 3 respectively, DAMWON found itself in the second position of the group table. Given that Gen.G Esports got off to a perfect start without dropping a single series, the battle for the second spot to qualify directly to the semi-finals of the playoff is getting fierce.


However, now that Nongshim RedForce managed to defeat the World Champions in the fourth week of LCK Summer 2021, DAMWON Gaming finds itself in the third position, out of contention for a direct spot in the semi-finals.

NSR upsets World Champions in LCK Week 4

The best of three series between Nongshim RedForce and DAMWON Gaming began with the World Champions putting a display of their skills and dominance on the Rift. Although they did win the first game quite comfortably, Nongshim brought out their lethal snowball strategies in the following games.

Here are the scores of each match from the best of three series between Nongshim RedForce and DAMWON Gaming in the fourth week of LCK Summer 2021:

  • Game 1 - DAMWON Gaming won with a score of 16-3.
  • Game 2 - Nongshim RedForce won with a score of 25-1.
  • Game 3 - Nongshim RedForce won with a score of 13-3.

Despite the best efforts from DAMWON Gaming to secure their second place on the group table, Nongshim RedForce's lethal snowball proved too hot for the World Champions to handle.

Some might argue that the technical pauses at the beginning and during the second game were strategic moves from Nongshim RedForce to throw DAMWON off their stride. However, irrespective of the intention, Nongshim is now comfortably placed at the second position while DAMWON drops down to the third spot.

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