KC Adam talks about his Aggressive playstyle, his rivalry with Mouse Esports and his Future plans

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Karmine Crop's Top Laner Adam "Adam" Maanane has been one of the biggest players to leave a mark in the spring split of European Masters 2021. He has been defying the meta with his aggressive play-style and has been gaining popularity among the community.

We got in-touch with the top-lane prince and asked him about some insights into his playstyle, team's performance, his future plans and more.

1. Adam, Karmine Corp had one of the most dominating performances in the group stage, leaving it 6-0 undefeated, and are looking like favourites to win the spring split of EU Masters 2021.
How do you feel about the team's overall performance so far?


Adam: I mean.. I'm really glad for our performance overall. We've been working a lot with the team because when you just look at the early season, when the LFL started. We didn't have this level that we have now.
I think all the team, the coaching stuff and even our CEO are all really glad that we can perform and I am very lucky to be a part of this team.

2. KC has a unique way of playing League of Legends. They have a late-game scaling mindset with macros and taking small leads over time. Next thing you know, KC has a 10k gold lead and is on the verge of winning the match.
How would you describe your team's playstyle?

Adam: I think we really have a controlled gameplay. I mean, everyone in the team is really good! We know how to use our advantage in the lanes. We know how to rotate, and we know where to go at the right moment. Since we also have good teamwork like we know each other very well. So we don't even need to communicate what the others are going to do.
Since we have so much synergy in the team, it is very easy to play with each other. We are all going to smash the lanes, and if we play normally nothing seems really difficult.

3. Adam, you have constantly been picking Bruiser top-lane picks like Renekton into the matches, and considering the current meta players prefer the likes of Gnar and Sion as they provide the beefy front-line for the team.
You have one of the highest KDA in the league while playing these skirmishers and making a substantial impact in the team fights. That is beyond my comprehension.

How do you do it, Adam?

Adam: Since I started playing League, I always like to play aggressive in my lane. So, I think picking Bruiser champions like Renekton is like a champion that represents me as I like to play aggressive, and Renekton allows me to do so.
I think the Renekton pick in itself is one of the strongest in the top lane right now because it is one of the safest picks, and I think he has always been in the current meta. Since not only me, my team also like to play aggressive, and the Renekton pick allows my team to be aggressive because they'll use my priority in the lane. We can invade a lot with my priority, and we also have team fight tools to target some enemies. Renekton has a very strong lane, has a strong team fight and you can shut down the enemy ADC. I am aggressive because my team allows me to play that role.

4. You recently tweeted out, "I really hope we face mouse to clap them in quarter, some guy really need a lesson there" Well, unfortunately, you won't be facing them in the quarters, but if all things fall in place, you might see them in finals.
Would you like to elaborate on this tweet and shed some light on the rivalry?

Adam: I mean in Mouse (Esports), there are two players I don't really like. First is Satorious, the top laner. This guy used to stream-snipe me the whole last season, when I was streaming. He used to perma-target banning my champ which his friend Jeskla. They were both stream-sniping me, and I got really pissed off by these guys. It is very annoying to face some guys like these in the SoloQ.
And the second is LIDER, I really don't like this guy. We just hate each other! (chuckles)


5. One of your old teammates, Nuclearint, recently got promoted to Schalke 04's LEC line-up to replace Abbedagge.
Do you have any specific teams in mind to represent in the future?

I mean.. yeah, in the LEC, the most two famous one would be for sure G2 or Fnatic, but I think it really depends on the team.
I don't wanna reach LEC, just to be in LEC. I've always been like precise with myself. I wanna be in LEC, go to play-offs and why not go to Worlds, you know? That's my ambition.
I can actually go wherever if my team allows me to maybe fulfil my ambition.

6. I noticed that you played a bit of Gwen on your Twitch Livestream. Could the fans expect some of her in the top lane when she makes her way into the rift? What is your impression of the champion?

Adam: I played Gwen a lot, I really liked this champion, to be honest! It is really a pleasure to play Gwen. But, I don't think she can be a competitive choice. I think she lacks mobility. You can maybe build on tank/ HP items like Force of Nature on her, but I think as a champion, she has no escape in the lane. She has very strong damage, 1v2 material, but I think Gwen can easily be shut down if the guy plays well. I'm not sure if the champion would be strong in team fights, in the competitive.
Gwen is like Fiora AP as she can only be stuck in her lane, maybe smashing the opponent but can't do much with the team and split pushing the whole game.


7. Any words for the KC Fans who actively support you and the squad in the European Masters?

Adam: I mean, the fans are always here since I started playing in Karmine last year. It is such a pleasure to have so many fans and to have such a huge community with us. It is actually a huge strength for us, you know, it is like the sixth player in the team. That's why we are here. We perform for them, and we perform for us.

Karmine Corp will be facing ŠAIM SE SuppUp next in the Quater Finals of European Masters 2021.