Is League of Legends a dying game?

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League of Legends (LoL) has been dubbed one of the most popular esports games through the years. Various esports leagues and competitions for the game have been established, and most of these are still existing today.

Since 2009, the game made its way on top of the esports scene especially when it became the number one game in South Korea. Now different teams and esports organizations focus on the game, and multiple professional players were established as some of the best in the world.


But with the game nearing its 12th year already, is League of Legends a dying game? Some gamers could be forgiven for thinking this. Keep reading and we'll tell you why that's anything but the case.

The LoL Gaming Community

If we’re talking about numbers, the LoL gaming community continues to prove that it is solid as ever.

LoL has an average of 110 million players every month last 2020. This has been LoL’s biggest feat in years, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic being one of the biggest factors in today’s continuous boom of the video gaming industry in general.


Statista has also reported that LoL is the number one game in Twitch which is probably the world’s biggest streaming platform today. The game listed several recognitions this 2021, including LoL’s inclusion in Twitch’s most streamed games, most popular games by average viewers, most popular games by peak viewers, and the game with the most number of streamers.

As for other platforms, LoL is also doing great things. Last 2020, all content related to the game brings in a massive 236 million total views on YouTube. These came from the official YouTube channel of LoL, as well as from other creators and streamers.

And to top all of these, LoL lead all F2P games worldwide in terms of revenue last 2020. So, even if the pandemic helped a lot of games to blossom, LoL still benefited the most and continues to reign as, if not the most but one of the most dominant games in history.

LoL’s Latest and Upcoming Content and Events

The game is also consistent in providing new content through its regular updates, limited-time events, etc. The LoL patch notes 11.10 just went live last May 12, and the upcoming PROJECT Bastion limited-time event will commence beginning May 27.


So, with all of these present, can we still say that LoL is a dying game now?

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