How To Play League of Legends On Full Screen

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Playing PC games can be enjoyed to the fullest extent if you opt to play on full screen. It really gives you the overall aesthetic of the game you are playing visually.

And in League of Legends (LOL), you may be able to do so. There are just some circumstances that may occur if you would do it. But still, it’s better to know how you can play on full screen, even if you choose to activate it or not.


With that being said, here’s how to play League of Legends on full screen.

How To Play League of Legends On Full Screen

Entering full screen in League of Legends is really simple.

You just need to go to the Video tab before you enter a game. Select the Windowed Mode menu and choose Full Screen.


Confirm the changes afterwards and you may now play LOL on full screen.

Is Playing Full Screen Good On League of Legends?

Playing League of Legends on full screen has its pros and cons.

For the positive side of things, it will allow your OS to have full control of the screen’s overall output. Also, playing on full screen would also boost your device’s performance.


Now if we’re talking about the downside of playing LOL on full screen, one major factor you should consider is that it will not allow you to use other monitors or applications simultaneously.

But it will always depend on your preference. The important thing is that you know all the things that would happen if you choose to play LOL on full screen or not.

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