How To Get Riot Points For Free In League of Legends

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Riot Points allow you to buy all kinds of items in League of Legends, including Skins, Champions and Boosts.

They are incredibly useful for players but also cost money, that is unless you can get some for free!

Here are our top tips for snagging free Riot Points!

Riot On A Budget



Don't Jinx it! (Image: Riot games)


You do have to be extra careful when looking for Riot Points giveaways.

They are many scammers out there who are looking to steal personal information and such from people, and one method of doing this is through fake competitions.

Though if the source is reputable, like if it’s a Twitch Prime giveaway or through Riot directly then you should be set!

These deals aren’t always available but be on a constant lookout for free League of Legends Riot Points giveaways if you want to save yourself some cash!

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Gifts From A Friend

The Best of Friends (Image: Riot Games)


If you have a kind friend they may want to gift you, League of Legends Riot Points,

Maybe it’s for an upcoming birthday or maybe they just want to help you out!

They’ll have to be at least level 15, you’ll have to have been on each other’s buddy list for 24 hours and you’ll have to have not received (or your friend sent) 5 other Riot Point gifts in the last 24 hours. 

If all those criteria are met then your mate can buy Riot Points for you! Or they could buy you a Legend, SKins or a bunch of other items!

Unfortunately, they can’t currently gift you Riot Points that they already own, they have to buy more Riot Points as a gift which is a little annoying!


Don't get mad (Image: Riot Games)


This final one is kind of a cheat on our end. 

You will have to buy the Riot Point Bundle but you’ll then be given bonus credit for free.

The more expensive bundles give you back the most in free Riot Points!

We know this won’t be the news you wanted to hear but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as new options become available on how to get free League of Legends Riot Points!