G2 Drops Most of Its League Of Legends Team And Support Staff In Controversial Video

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G2 has not had a good year with League of Legends. This year, the team didn't make Worlds, which is an unexpected setback for a team with such a huge reputation. G2's owner, Carlos' Ocelote' Rodriguez Santiago, decided it was best to cut ties with most of the team.

It's not benching at all; G2 will remove three out of five players, the head coach, and the entire support staff. His method of announcing everything really caught everyone's attention. In a phone video, he talked about several people and what they had done this year and said they were done., That's how he changed dozens of lives.


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G2 League of Legends Team Fired

When someone asks how you announce that you've fired all, but around two members of a team, the answer should not be "over a phone video posted to Twitter." Still, no one told Ocelote, who dropped his team that exact way. The links to their response to being dropped this way are embedded in the names of those dropped:


The remaining members are Marcin' Jankos' Jankowski and Rasmus' Caps' Winther.

Here's the Tweet:


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Later, Carlos clarified that this was not the video saying goodbye to each member. The video was still not well received by many who viewed it and those in it. To make up for it, he made a tweet saying, "reach out if you're looking for a homemade handheld video from me. PMs are open."

I want to end on a good note, which was the funniest tweet to come out of this.

Hopefully, this is the only bad news from the team for a while. Good luck to everyone who is leaving G2.