League of Legends Fan Creates Tyler1-Inspired Dr. Mundo Skin

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Through the years, renowned League of Legends streamer Tyler1 has grown his fanbase who tunes in to his Twitch streams and content regularly. From doing only one-position climb challenges to his famous in-game screams, Tyler1 has become one of the most popular icons when it comes to the game. That is why there is no doubt that some fan-made skin concepts are being made which makes him the inspiration.

And one of those is the Dr. Mundo skin created by YouTuber A Wild Udyr who shared his original creation inspired by the muscular theme of Tyler1. It even has the "Winnable" merch design the streamer popularized, really proving that it is heavily themed with him.


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Fan Creates Tyler1-Inspired Dr. Mundo Skin

Just last League of Legends season, Tyler1 challenged himself to reach the Challenger rank while only using mid-lane champions. And in September, he finally achieved it, making him a Challenger-rank player using the mid, top, jungler, and ADC roles.


He is also known to be vocal on criticisms for some in-game aspects, such as Riot's removal of the all-chat, wherein he voiced out that he is not in favour of it. A part of his statement about it reads as:

You have to enable it. That’s the problem I have. So if you’re ever triggered by toxic chat, you can just mute it, and you’ll never see it again. So that’s the problem I have with it.

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