ESL Premiership Adds LoL: Wild Rift As First Mobile Title

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ESL Premiership will add a new one-off tournament to its upcoming season based around League of Legends: Wild Rift.

The title will be the first mobile game added as part of the series, which will see Nordic teams face off against teams from within the UK and Ireland.

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ESL Premiership Adds LoL: Wild Rift As First Mobile Title

“It’s a historic moment to bring a mobile title to the ESL Premiership. Wild Rift is the perfect game to deliver this never seen before experience to the UK, Ireland and Nordics,” said Dan Ellis, Partnerships Director at ESL UK in a new post.

There's a £5,000 prize pool, with open qualifiers followed by a round-robin group stage and playoffs.

Broadcasts begin on 20th April, with the finals held remotely on the 19th and 20th of June.

Qualifiers are open now (link here and here), and the competition begins on 3rd and 4th of April.

In case you're wondering if Wild Rift is worth downloading on your phone or tablet of choice, we waxed lyrical about its quality here.

"If you played League of Legends but bounced off of it, you really should try out League of Legends: Wild Rift," we said.

"With the game available for free, and impressively restrained in its implementation of microtransactions, take a trip to Summoner's Rift for a match or two... or three... four..."

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