Doublelift Reveals Plan To Take A Break From Playing And Streaming Solo League of Legends

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Former League of Legends pro player Peng “Doublelift” Yiliang revealed in his latest YouTube video that he wants to take a long break from playing solo queue in the game, as well as his future plans on his career.

Doublelift’s Reveal

As seen on his latest vlog, Doublelift first admitted that he and his girlfriend both caught the Delta variant COVID-19 even if they are both fully vaccinated.


Yet he ensured everyone that they will get better in the coming weeks. But he also admitted that getting the virus somehow made him realize a lot of things.

The Realization

One realization that he mentioned was his lack of enthusiasm towards playing solo queue, as well as streaming it in his channel.

“When I play solo queue mindlessly without any goal in mind, it just makes me feel like I’m wasting time,” he mentioned.


“I won LCS eight times. I’ve been thinking about what even makes solo queue fun for me, like I don’t even really understand—sometimes I have a lot of fun, sometimes I don’t.”

He also pointed out that streaming for him has ‘become a job,’ which he doesn’t really want to happen at all.

"It has turned into a job. I don't want streaming to become a job. I don't care about the money at all. What matters to me is feeling like I'm doing something that I like and that's enjoyable and fulfilling and sharing it with other people."

Doublelift On The Future Of His LOL Streaming Career

Now, Doublelift admitted that he will be taking a long break in playing solo queue and streaming it.


However, he could still do co-streaming with other streamers and ex-pro players. He also wants to come back to solo queueing with a fresh perspective which he can achieve by exploring new ventures, such as doing a podcast for educational purposes.

He is also open to trying other games such as Valorant and World of Warcraft, since he also said that he is a “huge nerd.”

And since he is just doing a lot of watch parties on his stream nowadays, he also added that "Playing so much drained my battery for that. Now that I'm only doing watch parties, I'll have a lot more productive energy for that kind of stuff."

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