League of Legends Won’t Disable All-Chat Everywhere, Trialling by Regions Instead

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Following Riot Games’ first announcement about removing All-Chat in League of Legends' update 11.21, Riot's now revealed today they'll test this by region instead.

As seen in 11.21's official patch notes, regions will be chosen based on where players were most receptive to it. Part of their statement reads as:

“This test will last for 11.21 and 11.22. In regions where the disable rolls out, /all chat will still be available in custom games, and no other tools are being disabled. We'll evaluate the impact of this change through verbal abuse reports, penalty rates, surveys, and direct feedback.
When the test ends, we may leave /all chat disabled, make changes to the disable, or turn it back on, on a per-region basis. We may also make adjustments during the test itself based on initial results.”

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League Of Legends Makes All-Chat Removal By Region

It's unclear if All-Chat's removal will stay after this test, but Riot’s previous announcement caused concern across the community, despite aiming to prevent toxicity and bullying. Popular LOL streamer Tyler1 expressed his opinion about these plans in a recent stream, where he mentioned:

“The problem I have with it is, bro, how rated-G is this community, and this company. Bro, you can mute the all-chat. On a fresh account, it comes disabled. You have to enable it. That’s the problem I have. So if you’re ever triggered by toxic chat, you can just mute it, and you’ll never see it again. So that’s the problem I have with it.”

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