The Last of Us 2: How to stealth kill in Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic sequel

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The Last of Us 2 finally launches on June 19, 2020 – meaning we're getting closer to reuniting with Joel and Ellie.

Expect plenty of stealth if the first game is anything to go by (expect more Shivs), with a focus on remaining undetected and picking off enemies one by one.


Here's all we know about stealth kills.

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The Last of Us Part 2: How to perform Stealth Kills

To stealth kill an enemy, Ellie needs to approach from behind stealthily. From there, she can grab her target, using them as a human shield, or kill them with her switchblade.


The horrific clickers could only be killed with a shiv in the first game, but Ellie's switchblade has infinite uses.

What we do know is that people close to Ellie will spot her when she's in long grass, so you can't stay hidden forever.