The Last of Us Part 2 Was Developed By Over 2000 People

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The Last of Us 2 launched last month and is the third-best-selling game of 2020 so far - suggesting all of the folks getting mad about the story's direction were, as expected, a vocal minority.

Thanks to a new list published by Moby Games (and reported by VG247), a sort of IMDB for games, we now know just how many people worked on The Last of Us Part 2 - and it's a huge amount.

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How Many People Worked On TLOU 2?

According to the listing, there are 2332 people credited with bringing Ellie's tale of vengeance to life. Those range from the game's directors, to animators, all the way to contractors that may have worked on environmental assets and the like.


Those people aren't specifically part of Naughty Dog or even Sony. Many are other smaller companies, with the game being worked on by plenty of external teams. Then there is the cast, with even enemy grunts being fully voiced, plus motion capture and more.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the dogs used for motion capture are called Cooper, Kippie, Lego, Moxie, Roach, Stetson, Winnie and Ziggy, while the horses are Dan, Faz, and Kanbe.

Considering the huge story leaks that preceded the game's release, it's no surprise that Sony rushed to cover things up - with the amount of money spent on staffing alone, there's a good chance The Last of Us Part 2 could be one of the most expensive games ever made.