The Last of Us 2 has been banned in the Middle East

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The Last of Us 2 finally launches on June 19, but the game has already been banned in one market.

If you're located in the Middle East, the game isn't available on the PlayStation Store in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – meaning players will need to resort to changing their region to play Naughty Dog's latest.


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Why the ban? Well, while the game features "nudity and sexual content", it also places a heavy emphasis on lead character Ellie's relationship with partner Dina. The portrayal of an LGBT relationship is likely to be the main reason the game has been banned.

There's also plenty of graphic violence, but given that most other titles are released in the territory with uncut violence, there's a good chance that characters being eviscerated and the like has no bearing on the ban.

Perhaps underlining that point, Ghost of Tsushima is still expected to launch in the Middle East.