The Last of Us 2: Who Do You Play As?

The Last of Us 2 finally launches on June 19, 2020 – meaning we're getting closer to reuniting with Joel and Ellie.

You might be wondering who you'll be playing as in Naughty Dog's latest, especially as Joel has grown older. Here's what we know. 

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The Last of Us Part 2: Playable Characters

In TLOU Part 2, you'll be playing as Ellie. She's grown older and wiser since the first title and has found love in the form of Dina, another survivor.

Of course, while the first game put us in the shoes of Joel, perspective switched to Ellie at a certain point in the story – so there's always a chance that the same could happen here.

With the first game offering an extended flashback sequence in its introductory section, we could also play as Ellie in a different time period – potentially tying in closer with the Left Behind DLC from the first game. 

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