The Last of Us Part 2 Is Officially Better Than The Witcher 3 And Has Become The Best Game Of All Time

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Yes that’s right gamers, The Last of Us Part 2 is the best game ever made!

The sequel to the 2013 game has been awarded more Game of the Year (GOTY) Awards than CD Projekt Red’s hit game, and the count for 2020 hasn’t even ended yet.

Really The Best Game Of All Time?

It’s hard to objectively define the best ‘thing’ from a subjective medium.

Everyone will have their own preferences and biases, and video games are no exception.

But one way to build up an idea of what is generally seen as the best is to look at lots of reviews and opinions.

This attitude is one taken by, a site dedicated to logging Game of The Year Awards for every game released each year.

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Where we find out who the best of the best are! (Image:

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Tracking as far back as 2003, where Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic won out, the site logs the GOTY awards handed out by Media Outlets.

It does this through two numbers, one based on the Outlet’s staff and their collective winner, as well as a separate Reader’s Choice award total from the sites if they have one.

For example IGN Staff, in the US, chose Hades but readers chose The Last Of Us Part 2, that gives one GOTY Award to each game.

You can find a full list of results and outlets here.

You can also see how they choose Media Outlets here.

The 2020 Results

While the results for 2020 are still being counted, The Last of Us Part 2 has pulled ahead, by one award.

At the time of writing The Last of Us has 261 Awards, 169 from Outlets and 92 from Readers.

The Witcher 3 had only 260 Awards with 172 from Outlets and 88 from Readers.

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No longer on top! (Image: CD Projekt Red)

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The two interesting things to see are that The Last of Us is further ahead of the 2020 second-place game than The Witcher was of the second-place 2015 game. Hades only has 53 prizes to Fallout 4’s 61.


On top of this, it’s odd that Readers loved The Last of Us more than The Witcher, given how divisive the game was on social media.

Fans at home will likely find ways to say why their game is in-fact better, but it all goes to show that either way, The Last of Us Part 2 was incredibly well-liked, despite the response from some/

Guess the Loud Minority really do exist.

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