Last of Us 2 Release Date: Has Amazon leaked new date for Naughty Dog's delayed sequel?

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The Last of Us 2 has been delayed indefinitely, with Naughty Dog's latest post-apocalyptic epic now without a release date –or is it?

According to Amazon, the long-awaited sequel could be landing towards the end of June – on the 26th, around a month after the initially scheduled launch.


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Of course, with Sony already offering refunds on preorders and the game delayed "until further notice", there's a good chance that means this date is simply a placeholder.

Then there's the fact that Ghost of Tsushima, Sony's other big exclusive of 2020, is also slated to launch on June 26. It would be very strange to launch two major first-party games on the same day, but in these crazy times anything is possible.

Amazon has updated the Last of Us Part 2 listing, with a new placeholder date saying 31 December 2020.