Further Naughty Dog Job Listings Appear For A Standalone Multiplayer Project

There's been rumours for sometime that Naughty Dog were planning a multiplayer expansion for The Last Of Us Part II. While footage of a "Factions" mode previously leaked back in August, job listings appeared for a project back in March, and it seems Naughty Dog are hiring again.

Calling this "the studios' first standalone multiplayer game", Naughty Dog has advised they're looking to bring "the same level of ambition and quality of our signature, story-driven games to this unique multiplayer project", though it doesn't go much further beyond that.

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Further Naughty Dog Job Listings Appear For A Multiplayer Project

Considering The Last of Us' Factions mode was very popular and previous rumours, this new project could be an expansion of that, based around Part II but playable on its own. For now though, that remains purely speculative until Naughty Dog or Sony make any official confirmations.

Elsewhere, Part II is still getting plenty of love from Naughty Dog. Having released a 60fps patch for PS5 players last month, Creative director Neil Druckmann also revealed in April that he's written an outline for a potential Part III story. That isn't coming anytime soon, but we're curious to see what this new project entails.

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