Knockout City Roadmap Confirms Season 2's Launch Next Month

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According to the latest roadmap, Knockout City Season 2 is launching next month on July 27, 2021. Having seen a successful launch that brought in over 5 million players, EA and Velan Studios has just outlined what to expect within the next 9 week season.

While Season 1 still has some life left in it, thanks to an ongoing Double XP event called Heatwave, Season 2's looking fairly hefty. That's bringing a new map, new Special Ball, daily login bonuses, five new playlists, three Special Events and new Season Contracts.

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Knockout City Roadmap Confirms Season 2's Launch Next Month

You can find the full outline below, which also tells us when to expect Season 3 and Season 4. While there's no specific dates confirmed just yet, it's in keeping with the 9-week season plan, arriving around "Fall 2021" and "Winter 2021" respectively.

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We had positive impressions of Knockout City at launch, calling it a "highly entertaining but [an] ultimately safe experience". You can check out our review, and we'd also sat down for a roundtable interview with Velan Studios, detailing development and initial post-launch support plans.