Knockout City: How to Pass the Ball

Knockout City sees players battling it out in frenetic dodgeball matches. It can get pretty hectic, so you'll need a solid grasp of the basics in order to best your opponents. This means playing offensively while also keeping your other teammates in mind. Passing is actually a very important mechanic, allowing you to essentially arm your team and rack up kills as a unit.

Passing the ball is pretty simple, but does have some complexity to learn initially. In this Knockout City Passing guide we'll take a look at how to pass the ball, why you'd want to do so, and some tips to get ahead by passing.

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Knockout City: How to Pass the Ball

To pass the ball in Knockout City you'll need to aim your reticule at a teammate and press L1/LB/Mouse Scroll Button. This will pass the ball to your teammate. If they are already holding a ball it will rebound back to you, giving you a charge bonus.

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Why You Should Pass the Ball

There are many reasons why you'll want to make sure you're passing the ball while playing Knockout City. The first is to arm your teammates. If they are closer to the enemy and don't have a ball, it's worth your while to make sure they can fight, or you'll just concede a point. There may also be a teammate that has a better line of sight on the opposing team. Think about whether you need the ball you're holding, and pass it if you think someone else could use it more effectively.

If you pass the ball to another player they will gain a charge bonus, basically allowing them to instantly fire off a charged shot. You can even use this mechanic to give yourself a charged shot. Just pass to a teammate that is already holding a ball. It will deflect back at you, giving you the bonus.

Finally, you can use a pass as a kind of fake shot. When facing down an opponent, pass the ball to make them think you're taking a shot. Your teammate can then follow up with an attacking shot. This is a great way to outflank an enemy.

That's all you need to know about passing the ball in Knockout City. We'll be covering more on the game as we spend more time playing. For now, check out our story on Knockout City reaching 5 million players.

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