Knockout City: How To Rank Up Fast In League Play

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Knockout City is far more than just a casual game to play with your mates.

There is the hyper-competitive League Play mode available for those who want to work their way to the top of the game, but that can take some serious grafting.


Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks that will help get you to the top that little bit faster. Here is our advice to make your trip to the promised land as seamless as possible.

League Play And Ranks Explained

The League Play ranking system is quite straightforward, if you're unsure of how exactly it works then fear not, as we've broke it down for you right here.

In short, you will begin as an unranked player and once you have completed your ranking matches (seven in total) you will begin life in the Bronze tier. From there you will earn League Points (LP) each time you win a match. You will have to work your way through three levels in each tier before being promoted to the next ranking.


Once you reach the Silver ranks, you will begin to lose LP each time you fall to defeat in the Knockout City arena. You cannot be demoted a full tier, but you can be demoted through the rankings in each tier.

For example, if you hit a rut whilst in Gold 1, you will be demoted to Gold 2 and then Gold 3. You will not be demoted into the Silver rankings though.

How to Rank Up Fast

The key to ranking up fast is getting on a winning streak.


Stringing together consecutive wins will reward players with extra LP, which will fast track the process of getting you to the promised land.

Do be aware though, the higher you rank, the more points you will be docked if you lose. This means that you will be demoted much faster than you would in the lower tiers of the ranking system.

Find your perfect team and practice before heading into competitive battle, as it is a cruel world out there!