How to Pass the Ball In Knockout City

Knockout City is gradually growing in popularity, with players across the world trying to master the dodgeball themed title.

Now whilst we all want to be the hero and make the winning play ourselves, being able to know when - and more importantly how - to pass the ball to a teammate is vital for those looking to pick up the W.

Here is everything you need to know about how to pass in Knockout City.

How To Pass The Ball In Knockout City

Passing the ball is simple in theory. It takes just one click of a button.

Simply face towards the teammate who you wish to pass the ball to and press the button that corresponds to your respective platform:

  • PC - Middle Mouse Button
  • PlayStation - L1
  • Xbox - LB
  • Nintendo Switch - L

You can also try to fool your opponent by throwing a decoy with a fake pass.

In order to do so, you power up your shot as you would usually but instead of releasing the ball you will have to click in the right stick on your console (R3 PlayStation) or press F on your PC.

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Why Pass The Ball?

Why would you pass the ball rather than taking the glory for yourself? Well, there is actually a number of benefits for those who choose the creative route to success.

Each time you pass the ball to a teammate you will help to overcharge the dodgeball.

In a similar fashion to the Gamebreakers found in the classic FIFA Street titles, overcharging the ball will help to make the ball more powerful, which means when your teammate takes their shot, the ball will fly faster than usual.

This makes it more difficult for your opponent to avoid the ball, giving you a greater chance of winning the battle.

So rather than taking on your opponents 1v1, we'd advise taking a 2v1 route and throwing the ball to one another before capitalising with a power shot on your helpless opponent.

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