Knockout City: How To Customise Your Brawler

Knockout City is taking the world by storm, with inclusivity one of the impressive features in the title.

The developers have added a range of different cosmetics into the game, allowing gamers to proudly display their sexuality and gender in-game.

There are a range of different customisation options that you can select in order to make your character standout from the crowd.

Let us run you through them.

How To Customise Your Brawler

Preset characters are a thing of the past, in Knockout City you will have to manually adjust each attributes in order to create your perfect character.

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Once you have loaded up the title, head to the 'Customize Brawler' option. Once you are there you will be met with a new screen that will allow you to customise your character to your desired specifications.

Body & Skin Colour

To begin, you will have to pick a body type and a skin colour for your brawler.

'Common Body Type A' is designed to fit the stereotypically female gender, whilst 'Common Body Type B' is designed to fit the stereotypically male gender.

There is also a range of different skin tones that you can choose from.

Face & Makeup

From here, you will head to the face and makeup screen. This is where you can select your default facial features and any extra modifications for your brawlers face.

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There is a clear differentiation between the stereotypically male and female face types in this section, with a host of additional features up for selection, including beards, eye shadow and lipstick.

Should you opt for any makeup on your character, then you can pick between a number of different colours to make your brawler standout from the pack.

Hairstyle & Hair Colour

Once your facial features have been decided you will have to decide on a hairstyle.

Again, you can opt for one that fits the gender norms or spice things up a bit with a unique hairstyle for your brawler.

You are able to customise the colour of your hair too.


The next area of concern is the voice of your character.

There are six different 'common voices' to choose between, with three intended for a male character and three for a female.

The choice is yours.


The final decision to make is which outfit your character is going to wear when they go into battle.

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There are a range of different styles available, with jackets, t-shirts, jeans, skirts, crop-tops and more available.

The possibilities are endless in this section.

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