Knockout City: How To Change Gender

Knockout City has a wealth of customization options to help players identify themselves better in matches. Players can also make their characters change genders easily in this game too. Here's what players can do in the game to change their gender and looks.

How To Change Gender in Knockout City

In Knockout City, players don't actually have a direct way to choose their character's gender. However, you can select a masculine or feminine body build to form the base of your character's look, and you can also select a masculine or feminine voice. There are, so far, six pre-made voice packs, three masculine and three feminine.

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Knockout City Character Customization

Other than their character's body build, players can also customize their character's hairstyle and clothes in Knockout City at any time. The dodgeball game offers quite a few choices for what to wear in matches. Knockout City's clothes often come in full ensembles, where players have a full uniform to wear, though there are other single pieces of clothing to choose as well. Earning these costumes often have players to level up their Street Rank, Brawl Pass, and shop to wear it.

Meanwhile, players also have a large selection of hairstyles to choose from.

None of these costumes are limited to the body type or voice you choose for your characters. No limits can be seen as players have no restrictions on wearing the costumes, hairstyles, body type, and voice in the game. As long as players have it, players can wear it. That goes for the special Wings cosmetic as well, though you'll be playing plenty of matches before you finally get your hands on that.

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