Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo Now Available

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Nintendo has announced that a Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo is now available, three weeks before launch. Taking players across three stages from the first world, that's joined by an overview trailer that showcases the game’s main features.

Notably, this demo also features the game's first boss. Should you complete it, you'll receive a Present Code that unlocks extra items in the full release. And yes, you can also try out Mouthful Mode, as recently seen/memed following last month's Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Releases Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo, Overview Trailer

As for the overview trailer, that re-introduces a few previously established features we'd seen in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, though there's a couple of extras. We have our first look at King Dedede’s new look and several mini-games players can try across Waddle Dee Town.

Nintendo Switch owners can download the free demo right now. Otherwise, Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches exclusively for Switch on March 25. We'll look to keep you informed with further Kirby news when it happens.

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