How to get A+++ in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory - All Stages Walkthrough

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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has just launched on Xbox, Playstation and Switch consoles all over the globe and players are loving it!

We are too, defeating enemies in time to the beat of the best music in gaming.

And, if you’re like us you want to be earning the best possible, A+++ rank on every stage.

In our guide, we’ll tell you how you can maximise your chances of earning a high score!

How to get an A+++ rank on any stage

So, these tips should help you on any stage, whether its a field battle or a boss battle, our guide will do you well!

Play the stage a lot

Our first tip is that you should expect to replay the level a few times.

Thankfully the scores are awesome, but you should expect to listen to them on repeat by playing each stage a few times to start building up muscle memory for the piece.

Next up, play on the difficulty you want to A+++.

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+ 2

Go for A+++ Rank! You can do it!

The stages for Easy, Standard and Proud are pretty different, so don’t practice on Easy then try to max rank on Proud, it won’t really help you at all.

To get good at Proud stages, you'll have to play at that difficulty.

Hit the notes

All this practice will help you hit every note, and if you don’t miss a beat you’ll earn a Full Chain.

This emblem can be displayed proudly on the stage and may or may not give you a points bonus (we aren’t too sure), but the main thing is that you will have scored points at every opportunity.

The points you’ll need to achieve A+++ will vary by stage but expect the total to be high, so you can’t afford to miss a beat. Though as shown in the Arabian Dream screenshot below, a Full Chain isn’t necessary.

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+ 2

You don't have to be perfect, but try your hardest to be!

What you also need to be doing is getting as many Excellents as you can, especially the Rainbow Excellents.

These are earned by you hitting exactly in time with the beat and net you more points.

It isn’t worth restarting a run if you get a Good or two, but Excellents will be your friends.

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Use all the buttons

This one may not help you, but we find it useful to not just always use the same input for the regular beat.

Rather than always using A, X or B (on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch respectively), we try to use that for Sora (or the centre character) then the Left and Right buttons for Donald and Goofy.

This helps the song feel a bit smoother, and can make it easier to hit beats in succession!

Don’t use Items

You shouldn’t need any potions, so don’t worry about those, and EXP and Items don’t earn you points.

We can’t tell if Mickey prevents you from getting an A+++ rank outright, but honestly, you shouldn’t need to use him anyway!

Turn items off and you should definitely be fine!

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Alter your settings

Unfortunately, there aren’t any inbuilt cheats to help you, but tweaking settings may assist you.

If you open up the Team Menu, then go to Music Stage Settings you can alter some elements.

Firstly, by turning BGM (Background Music) Volume up and SFX and Voice Volume down you’ll be able to hear what you are playing along to better without as much distraction!

And, if you find there is too much lag between inputs you can alter the BGM timing setting to account for it, just be careful as you could make it more difficult for yourself!

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