King of Fighters 15: New Character Reveal This September 29, Shun'ei Rival Featured

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SNK revealed more details about a new King of Fighters 15 character confirmed for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2021. This new character will be one of the recent reveals that was just featured in the Official Reveal trailer for the game. Here's what we know about this reveal.

King of Fighters 15 Tokyo Game Show 2021


As seen on the official SNK Youtube channel, the developers have prepared a lot of different links for the Tokyo Game Show reveal. The reveal would be about the 29th character in the game, the new character that was seen with Shun'ei and Meitenkun during their walk around Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

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Shun'ei's Rival

In her interaction on Shun'ei, this new character likes to get in Shun'ei's face and doesn't seem to hesitate on backing off from a challenge. She has a tough girl persona and also sports a variation of street wear similar to what Shun'ei wears in battle.


As for her powers, this new character can also summon ghastly arms to battle. It's unknown what her ghastly arms can do compared to Shun'ei arms that have fire and water energy.

What Else We Know

Aside from the character reveal, SNK may give way for more announcements for King of Fighters 15 during the show. After this 29th character, Ash Crimson and Heidern's teammates are still unknown and its confirmed that they belong in teams of their own. Other than that, SNK may also announce some of their new titles in this livestream after the 29th character reveal for King of Fighters 15.

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