King of Fighters 15: Leaks Tease Ash Crimson, Heidern, K', More Characters Added To Roster

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The King of Fighters 15 box art has been leaked which features some new and returning characters who've yet to receive their own trailers in the game. The three characters are implied to be in the same team and are an unlikely mix of people to be found in the same team. Lastly, two new characters have also been featured in the leaked box art.

Returning Characters

As seen in the leaked box art as posted on the official King of Fighters Reddit, three returning characters namely Ash Crimson, K' and Heidern are seen among the character in King of Fighters 15. These character were seen in previous entries of King of Fighters titles and are implied to be in the same team similar to the Team Sacred Treasures to their left.


These three characters are an unlikely team to group together as of the past events of King of Fighters tournaments. In his introduction in King of Fighters 13, Ash Crimson was a selfish, antagonistic anti-hero main character who chose to sever his ties from the main villain of that game. Meanwhile, Heidern is commander of the Ikari Warriors who already have their own team in King of Fighters 15. Lastly, K' was made to be clone of Kyo Kusanagi and is often seen with other Maxima and Kula Diamond as part of a team.

Seeing these three characters together could be explained if their trailers are shown and once the game's story is revealed.

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Two New Characters

Other than these three, two new female fighters were also featured on the box art. The one beside Shun'ei below and the one to the left of Heidern are whole new characters in the King of Fighters tournament. We'll have to wait for more reveals to know who might these characters be in the game.


How Many More Characters Before Release

The developers have long confirmed that King of Fighters 15 is confirmed for release on 2022. The developers still have the last quarter of 2020 to reveal more information about the new characters that'll join the initial roster of this game. Potentially, we may get some information about these characters and their stakes in the King of Fighters 15 tournament.

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