King of Fighters 15: Kukri Joins Roster As 29th Character

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SNK has recently revealed Kukri to be the 29th character for King of Fighters 15. Kukri has the powers to bend sand to his will and incorporate them into his assassination martial arts. Additionally, this character appears identical to his appearance in the previous game.

Kukri Joins King of Fighters 15

As seen in his trailer, Kukri showcased his moves as an assassin who has the power to control sand. This character is seen using alot of sand to propel himself around the stage, create sand copies of himself, and even plainly drowning his foes in sand. So far, his return looks like a complete copy of his previous appearance in King of Fighters 14.


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Similar To His Previous Appearance

As seen in Orpheus' comparison video between Kukri's appearances in King of Fighters 14 and King of Fighters 15, the attacks that this character has shown in the upcoming 2021 title is heavily similar to his King of Fighters 14. Most of the attacks in the trailer were available in the previous entry.

The only differences Kukri may have right now is that his moves may work differently for King of Fighters 15 even though they look the same.


Which Team Is He In?

As of now, his trailer doesn't show the team he's in for King of Fighters 15. In the previous King of Fighters 14, he's part of the Team Official Invitation with Sylvie Paula Paula and Mian. Prior to joining the King of Fighters 15 tournament himself, Antonov invited these people into one team for the King of Fighters 14 tournament. Most of these characters have mysterious backgrounds as they were mostly part of secret societies and underground groups.

Despite his mysterious look, Kukri often comes as unsavory to other characters due to rude, arrogant, and even lecherous attitude towards women. Nevertheless, Kukri is a professional as he delivered in locating Ash Crimson after the end of the King of Fighters 14 tournament.

Due to his connection to Ash Crimson's rescue, Kukri may join forces with him in one team as both of them have yet to part of any official team included in King of Fighters 15.


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