King of Fighters 15: Ash Crimson Gameplay Trailer Revealed, Character Still Has Green Flames

SNK has recently released the new Ash Crimson trailer for its next addition to the King of Fighters 15 roster. This character was the main protagonist for the King of Fighters 13 entry and making a return after missing an appearance on the previous entry. Here's what's revealed about this returning character

Ash Crimson Joins King Of Fighters 15 Roster

As seen in the trailer, Ash Crimson shows off his green flames and his nonchalant attitude to the fight. However, Ash seems to rely more on using his green flames for this title rather and shows nothing of his power stealing capabilities. Most of his original moves from King of Fighters 13 are still there except for his Germinal Caprice which propels him forward to his foe.

We've yet to see his special move inputs but Ash Crimson was a charge character for his first appearance in King of Fighters 13. We'll have to wait if that changes for this upcoming King of Fighters 15.

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What Are His Current Powers

In the previous King of Fighters 13 entry, Ash stole Chizuru Kagura and Iori Yagami's powers to add to his own in battle. In that entry, Chizuru did not appear as a fighter while Iori was briefly playable sporting a different playstyle before reclaiming his flames.

As of this upcoming King of Fighters 15, both Chizuru Kagura and Iori Yagami will meet this character with their powers returned to them. This situation explains why most of his attacks are mostly his green flames which were powers innate to him.

Which Team Is He In?

As of now, Ash Crimson's teammates are still unknown as of the moment of his trailer. However, the previous King of Fighters 15 official trailer featured the character select screen with Ash Crimson in there. The trailer has shown that he has a team of his own but are not yet revealed. The new and returning characters that were featured in the trailer were also in different teams.

For now, we'll have to wait to know who'll be his official teammates for the King of Fighters 15 game to be released in February 17, 2022

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