King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition - Upcoming Community Beta Test Showcases New Online Features, Rollback Netcode

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SNK has announced that it'll run a Community Beta Test for King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate Edition on Steam. That'll implement new online lobby features and rollback netcode to the game, which will be fully available later in 2021.

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King Of Fighters 98 Ultimate Edition Community Beta Start

According to SNK, the King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Edition Community Beta will start on November 30 at 2AM CET, running up until December 4 2AM CET. During this time, the game can be played in its beta mode where the new online features can be accessed.

To access the beta mode, simply right click 98 in your Steam library and click on Properties. A Steam menu will show up and click on the Betas. Once the Community Beta starts, make sure to click on the drop down menu in the Betas to activate the new content early in King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition

Community Beta Features

In this Community Beta, SNK is pushing out improved online features for the game for players. So far, the confirmed features for this beta are larger online lobbies, spectator mode, and the rollback netcode system.

All in all, these new features can allow a large group of players to gather up online and enjoy better matches online with the rollback netcode system. If they're not up for a fight, players can also watch others through spectator mode.

Rollback Netcode

SNK has confirmed that it has worked with Code Mystics once more to make the rollback netcode for King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition. Previously, both companies have worked together to give Garou: Mark of the Wolves its own rollback netcode system.

Fans will be sure to enjoy a good iteration of the rollback netcode system, as Code Mystics has also worked on another fighting game with good netcode. That was Killer Instinct's reboot, which released in 2013.

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