King Of Fighters 15: 30th Character Isla Revealed On Tokyo Game Show 2021

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SNK has announced that Isla will be King of Fighters 15's next playable character. Armed with a mean attitude and ghastly set of arms, she'll be taking centre stage as one of the game's main characters. Here's what we know about her.

King of Fighters 15 Isla Reveal

As seen in SNK's recent Tokyo Game Show 2021 livestream from, Isla marks 15's 30th character added to the game's initial roster. Prior to this entry, Isla has never been playable character in any King of Fighters games.


More than just introducing her, SNK invited some well-known Japanese professional fighting game players to try her out and showcase her moves in fights.

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What Can Isla Do

As revealed in the trailer and livestream, Isla fights with her hands in her pockets, mostly relying on kicks. However, she can call a pair of ghastly arms similar to Shun'ei to seek her foes and beat them up. So far, her fighting style can't be attributed to a specific martial art as she uses these ghastly arms and plenty of freeform street-fighting, using her lower body for most attacks.

Additionally, Isla is the only character that can double jump on will in King of Fighters 15.

Main Character Material

The developers also confirmed that Isla will be one a main character in King of Fighters 15. For this game, Shun'ei and Isla are 15's story focus, possibly becoming the characters to defeat the latest big bad. In past games, each new character they've introduced as the central hero were key in defeating the main villain. Right now, all of these heroes - namely Kyo Kusanagi, K', and Ash Crimson - are returning to join the tournament in King of Fighters 15.


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