King of Fighters 15: Kula Diamond Takes Up 38th Slot in Initial Roster

SNK's confirmed that Kula Diamond will be the 38th character to join the King of Fighters 15 roster. This character uses the powers of ice to fight off her foes and is normally part of the Team K'. However, Kula is hanging out with a different team this time around.

As seen in her official trailer, Kula Diamond still has her usual easy-to-use special moves. However, one of her new moves is dropping snowmen above her foes, which looks comical at first, but expands her options in pushing the advantage on downed foes. Overall, her moveset looks like similar to previous appearances.

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King of Fighters 15: Kula Diamond Takes Up 38th Slot in Initial Roster

Kula Diamond completes Team Krohnen as its third member in this trailer. In this team, she rejoins people formerly affliated with the NESTS syndicate that gave her cryokinetic powers to fight off K'.

So far, her reasons to join her former allies in the syndicate stems from her goal to get back at K'. While she's not out for cold-blood revenge, she looks angry at how K' leaves her behind for the King of Fighters 15 tournament to give him a piece of her mind.

After Kula Diamond, King of Fighters 15 has one character reveal left to complete its 39-fighter roster on release, and the game launches on .February 17, 2022

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