Kena Bridge of Spirits Made Sony Happy, Ember Lab Says

Sony is pleased with Ember Lab's debut game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the developer told Bloomberg in a new interview. While they declined to offer any hard data for sales numbers, Ember Lab founders Josh and Mike Grier told Bloomberg they were pleasantly surprised by how well Kena performed after launch.

Part of the surprise comes from not expecting critics and fans to take to Kena as quickly as they did. Ember Lab and Sony first showed the game off during 2020's big PlayStation 5 reveal, where it immediately captured widespread interest.

"I think that helped push us to the front of the line in terms of games they were going to highlight and showcase when they could," Mike Grier told Bloomberg.

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Kena Bridge of Spirits Made Sony Happy, Ember Lab Says

What that means for the future isn't quite clear, at least not for Kena. The Grier brothers didn't mention whether they planned a Kena sequel, something they previously said was unlikely. Still, they did say Ember Lab is moving permanently into game development and won't be focusing on commercials and fan films anymore.

We were among the critics who took to Kena and her unique, surprisingly emotional world and called it a "joy to behold" in our review.

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