Kena: Bridge of Spirit - Tips for Defeating Shrine Guardian

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Shrine Guardian is one of the bosses you encounter on the Taro's Regret mission in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. This boss will be waiting for you inside of the Lantern Cave and you have to take it down before you can venture any further. We have put together some tips for defeating Shrine Guardian.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirit - Tips for Defeating Shrine Guardian

Shrine Guardian is the biggest enemy that you will have come up against this far into the game and you will need to think carefully about how you're going to battle it. Not only does it have size on its side, but it's also always accompanied by waves of smaller enemies that can make the battle a nightmare.

Ignore the Small Enemies as Much as Possible

As you take down the small enemies in this battle, the same amount will appear almost instantly. This is why fighting them isn't really worth your energy because Shrine Guardian will attack you whilst you're distracted.

The only time it's a good idea to fight these smaller enemies is when you need to collect more Courage Orbs to be able to use your Rot.

Keep To the Outer Areas of the Battle

As you are in quite a confined area because you're in a cave, it can be tricky to keep your distance in the battle. However, the next best option is to try to stick to the outer limits of the area. The important thing to remember is to stay out of the red areas as they are corrupted and will drain your health.


Also, keep an eye on where you are because you can easily find yourself backed into a corner with the smaller enemies and Shrine Guardian on top of you.

Do Not Stand Still

If you stand still in this battle you are basically a sitting duck. Although Shrine Guardian is big, it can move very fast and before you know it you will be getting wrecked. Whilst keeping your wits about you, it's a good idea to keep moving throughout the battle.

Of course, you will need to stop at brief points to launch your attacks but try not to stay in one place for too long.

Arrows Are Better

You can use your Staff but because of the nature of the fight and of Shrine Guardian's abilities, arrows are the best weapon to use against it. If you have upgraded to and unlocked the Rot Hammer then this is brilliant as it deals damage whilst keeping you at a distance.


Arrows, both weak and charged, deal a decent amount of damage to Shrine Guardian, and if you time it well you can get a few hits on the smaller enemies too.

Aim for the Weak Spots

Shrine Guardian is another boss that has Courage Orbs growing on its body. There are 3 overall and if you manage to hit all 3 with your arrows, either charged or normal, then a large chunk of its health will be removed.

They're a brilliant way of causing maximum damage with minimal effort.

Wait for the Flower To Open!

Shrine Guardian has a Heart of Deadzone (flower) on its back but for the majority of the fight, it will remain closed. There are only a few times it opens.


The first time will be when it uses its ability where it hits the ground and creates growths that seek you out. When it's exposed this time, hit it with charged arrows.

Kena pointing her Bow at a downed Shrine Guardian
This will only happen right at the end of the fight.

The second time it opens will be at the end of the battle when its health has worn all the way down and it will be on its knees in the middle of the area. When this happens, all your need to do is use your Rot to turn it blue and use your pulse or arrows to destroy it.

Shrine Guardian is a boss that takes a bit of time to defeat and can become frustrating after a while, but if you follow these handy tips then you should be ok. Some of our tips for defeating Wood Knight will come in useful in this battle too!