Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Mage

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Mage is another boss in Kena: Bridge of Spirits and this boss uses magic mixed with strategy instead of brute force. This is why fighting it requires a slightly different approach than other bosses but the principle is the same, take them down. We have put together some tips for defeating Mage!

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Tips for Defeating Mage

Mage stands in the way of you unlocking the gate that leads to the Lantern Cave for the Taro's Regret mission. This is a clever boss as it uses its magical abilities and other enemies to do its bidding instead of putting itself in danger. However, just because it's smart doesn't mean it's undefeatable.


Focus On the Smaller Enemies First

Mage uses its magic to summon groups of smaller enemies and it usually hides behind them. They may be small but they can overpower you because they work alongside the attacks that come from Mage.

If you focus your attacks on the smaller enemies first, you will give yourself an environment that is easier to attack Mage in but it will only be for a brief amount of time.

Counter the Magic Meteors

One of the other abilities of this boss is that it can conjure up large red balls that look similar to meteors. If they hit you then they hurt and you cannot run from them. They will follow you, even if you're sprinting, so you need to counter them.

There are a few options for countering the magic meteors and the easiest one is to hit them with your arrows. Your other options are to try to lead it into the smaller enemies as it will destroy them for you and the other option is that you can always use your shield against them.


Arrows Are Good but the Staff Is Better

When you have the opportunity to, it's a good idea to attack Mage with your Staff. A heavy strike from your Staff will deal a lot more damage than a charged arrow will.

However, if you're not sure you can get a clean strike on it then you can always use charged arrows but they won't do as much damage in a single hit.

Wear the Health Bar Down

As with all bosses, the goal is to wear its health bar down until there is nothing left. How you choose to wear the health bar down is ultimately up to you and how you prefer to play the game but you need to remember to keep an eye on your own health too.

There is a health restoration flower in the corner of the battle area that you can use if your health is low. The main goal is to take down Mage before it takes you down. Once the red bar at the top of the screen is empty, Mage will be destroyed.


Don’t Let Mage Recharge

If left undamaged for long enough, Mage will recharge a large portion of its health. You cannot let this happen, otherwise, the outcome of the fight can change almost instantly.

Kena aiming Bow at recharging Mage
Green is not good when it comes to Mage!

If you see Mage starting to conjure up a green glow then you need to hit them by any means necessary. Hitting them in the middle of conjuring will stop the recharging process.


Rapid Attacks Are the Key

With it having the ability to recharge large chunks of its health, the best way to take down Mage quickly and easily is to rapidly attack it. Do not stop your attacks if possible, be relentless in your assault against the boss because it will take any chance it gets to charge itself up.

If you keep attacking Mage and stop any chances it has of recharging, you will be able to defeat it!

As you play through Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you will come across many bosses that want to stop you in your path to the Sacred Mountain. Luckily, we have tips for defeating a few of them which include tips for defeating Wood Knight!