Kena: Bridge of Spirits - The Best Upgrades

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Many games have upgrade systems and Kena: Bridge of Spirits is no different. Though the upgrades may be limited within this game, they are still really useful to invest in and they will only cost you some of your in-game currency! We show you which ones are the best upgrades and how to get them.

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What Are Upgrades?

Upgrades are how you develop your weapons and Rot abilities in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Many of the upgrades allow Kena to merge her abilities with those of the Rot to create powerful weapons.

On your map screen, you will have a tab that says "upgrades". When you jump over to this you will have an entire screen dedicated to the upgrades for the game and you will see upgrade chains.

How To Get Upgrades

One of the in-game currencies is called Karma. You can collect Karma in a variety of ways:

  • By defeating enemies
  • Restoring corrupted environments
  • Completing good deeds/tasks (such as putting a fallen statue upright)

You can then use this Karma to purchase upgrades.


On your upgrades screen, you will see 3 upgrade chains and 3 upgrades on their own. The upgrades in the chains that have a padlock symbol on them are locked until you either purchase the upgrade before it or you have reached the appropriate level to have it.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Upgrade Screen
Each upgrade is in the section for which aspect it applies to.

The trio of upgrades that are standing on their own are more expensive but they're not part of a chain. Once you have enough Karma, you can purchase them.

What Are the Best Upgrades?

The best upgrades will be different for everyone because the best ones will be the ones that work alongside your preferred playstyle. We've chosen 5 of the upgrades that are the best ones overall.

  • Rot Hammer - This will allow you to forge a powerful weapon whilst charging up for a heavy strike. The Rot Hammer merges Kena's Staff with the Rot to create a massive magical weapon that deals a lot of damage whilst keeping you at a safe distance. It's a good tool to have when fighting bosses.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Kena using a Rot Hammer

  • Bind Multishot - This upgrade is for your Bow and Arrow once you've unlocked it. If you shoot an arrow at an enemy that is being swarmed by the Rot, the arrow will split off and hit any enemies that are close to it. This is very useful when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by hoards of enemies.

  • Shield Health ++ - Kena's shield is something you will use a lot in the game. This upgrade will put the Shield's health at maximum capacity which means you can use it more and for longer, especially against more ferocious enemies.

  • Rot Infused Bow - This is essentially an overpowered arrow (in a good way). This upgrade combines the arrow with your Rot buddies and it makes the arrow powerful enough to shoot straight through your enemies. It's the game's equivalent of a one-shot one kill weapon.

  • Focus Shot - Yet another upgrade for your Bow. When you are using your Spirit Bow in a fight, you will be able to use a certain command to slow time down whilst you're aiming. Everything will only slow down for a short period of time but it does make it much easier to get a precision shot on your foes.

Ultimately, the best upgrades will be the ones that enhance your experience of the game and that you find work best with how you choose to approach battles. It's a good idea to have a play around with each upgrade to see which ones you like and which upgrade chains you want to spend your Karma on first.