Kena: Bridge of Spirits - How to Defeat Corrupted Taro

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When you reach the final stages of Taro's storyline in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you will have to face a hard battle. You will be fighting against a Corrupted Taro and you will need to draw on all of your experiences in the game up until this point to be able to finally set him free. We're here to show you how to defeat Corrupted Taro.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits - How to Defeat Corrupted Taro

Taro is the elder brother of Beni and Saiya. You spend the first leg of your time in Kena: Bridge of Spirits helping the siblings find their brother and you have to set Taro's spirit free. As you are about to complete your quest, a Corrupted Taro stands in your way and you have to break him to help him.

Don’t Let Corrupted Taro Near You!

Corrupted Taro is mean and has multiple abilities that will drain your health in a few blows if you're not careful. This is why you need to make sure that you do not let him anywhere near you.

Alongside a massive sword, Corrupted Taro has a devastating claw attack and when his health is down low he will lift Kena up and crush her.

The Lantern Is the Key

Taro's Lantern

The Lantern is the last Relic that you pick up that belongs to Taro and the corrupted version of him is wearing it around its neck. The Lantern is the key to defeating him and you need to do everything it takes to destroy it.

How To Destroy the Lantern

The easiest and safest way to destroy the Lantern is to hit it with an arrow. You have a better chance of destroying it with a charged arrow than a weaker one. If you have upgraded to and unlocked Focus, this will be extremely useful in the battle. It will slow down time briefly and it will let you get a clear shot at the Lantern.

The Lantern grows back a few times across the battle, so you need to continue to destroy it. Each time the Lantern is destroyed it will make Taro angrier but it will also drain his health.

How to Damage Corrupted Taro

Whilst you are waiting for the Lantern to grow back, you can and still should be damaging Corrupted Taro with multiple attacks. If you haven't accessed your upgrades then using your Bow and Arrow is the best chance you will have of hurting him.

Do not use your base Staff on Corrupted Taro. It will do little to no damage and it will put you in a bad place.

Kena using The Rot Hammer against Corrupted Taro
The Rot Hammer is an epic weapon to have!

If you have accessed your upgrades and purchased The Rot Hammer then this is fantastic to use! It does take precise aiming on your part but The Rot Hammer will deal a lot of damage whilst keeping you at a safe distance.

The Final Part of Defeating Corrupted Taro

Kena is finally freeing Taro's Spirit

When Corrupted Taro's health bar has been drained all the way down, he will fall to his knees and remain there. When he is like this, command your Rot to go to him and they will swarm him.


Whilst the Rot are around him, use your Pulse power to finally bring Taro peace.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits character, Taro
Taro's suffering is now ended.

Taro will finally be reunited with Beni and Saiya at the end of your battle. Your job with the twins will be done and you can move on to new adventures within Kena: Bridge of Spirits.