Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Sequel Is Unlikely, According To Ember Labs

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We're exactly two weeks away from Kena: Bridge of Spirits launching and developers Ember Labs look like they're onto a winner. Arriving on PS4, PS5 and PC, it saw a brief delay back in July and now, it'll arrive on September 21st. However, even if it sells well, we shouldn't expect a sequel to follow.

Speaking for an interview with SoulVision Magazine, Ember Labs' co-founders Mike and Josh Grier discussed plans for Kena's future. Expressing uncertainty that they'd do a follow up, the pair stated how they'd rather do “another IP with the same style in terms of gameplay and story-driven experience.”

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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Sequel Is Unlikely, According To Ember Labs

Specifically, Josh Grier advised:

I don’t know if we will do a direct sequel next. It may be another IP, in the same style—in terms of gameplay and the story-driven experience.

Despite this, they did confirm that they'd be interested in expanding Kena across different mediums, believing their universe "has a lot of storytelling potential." Whether they'll get that chance remains to be seen, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

Source: TheGamer via SoulVision Magazine

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