Just Cause Mobile: Release Date, Trailer, Price, Gameplay and Everything We Know

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We may not have heard much from Rico Rodriguez in the last few years, with Just Cause as a franchise being quiet since 2018's Just Cause 4.

Still, Square Enix hasn't forgotten about it and has revealed a new mobile title based on the bombastic third-person shooter.


Here's everything we know about a title that's small in stature, but big on bombast.

Latest News

Just Cause Mobile delayed - July 14

Avalanche and Eidos Interactive announced Just Cause Mobile is delayed until 2022. The developers cited COVID complications as the delay's cause, but promised gameplay reveals in the months leading up to the game's release.

New Cinematic Trailer Revealed - March 18th


We're not even going to try and pretend as though we understand what is going on in the latest trailer for Just Cause: Mobile.

It's clearly bonkers and that's good enough for us to recommend giving it a watch.

Long time fans of the series might spot a few familiar faces, including Rico Rodriguez & Annika Svensson.

Really, we're not going to do this trailer justice because it's all-out nuts, so just watch it alright. 

New Info on Coming Today - March 18th

Square Enix will reveal new information about the game on March 18th at a new event.


Find out more about the event here

Just Cause Mobile: What Is It?

While Rico himself isn't appearing in Just Cause: Mobile, his trademark grappling hook, wingsuit, and death-defying stunts are here.

The game is played from an isometric perspective and offers multiplayer combat for up to 30 players.

Just Cause Mobile Release Date

At present, the only window we have for the game's release is 2021, but given the trailer looks to be pretty formed and chock-full of gameplay, expect it within the first half of the year.

Just Cause Mobile Trailer

Check out this explosive trailer from the Game Awards 2020:


Just Cause Mobile Platforms

The game will launch on iOS and Android, although whether it'll also come to iPadOS is another question entirely.

Just Cause Mobile Price

The game will be free-to-play, which means you can bet Rico Rodriguez's fantastic hair that it'll be supported by microtransactions.